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Thematic scientific event, with the purpose of bringing together nurses, nurses and other professionals who have developed their professional practice in the fields of research, teaching and/or assistance; scientific initiation students, undergraduate and graduate students, students of technical nursing courses to debate and reflect on the direction of nursing science, its expansion and consolidation in times of crisis, of greater exposure of people to vulnerable conditions and lack of funding.

In August 2019, ABEn completed 93 years of foundation. Since its inception, it has been bringing together nurses, technicians and nursing assistants and students from undergraduate and professional education courses at the technical level who are associated with it, individually and freely. Among the objectives of the entity, its Social Statute stands out to promote the technical, scientific, cultural and political development of nursing professionals in the country, based on ethical and humanistic principles; defend the interests of the nursing area, articulating with other social, security, health and education entities and institutions; articulate with organizations in the social, health and education sectors, and with society in general, in the defense and consolidation of policies and programs that guarantee the population the effectiveness of the right to health, with equity, universality, integrality and participation Social; represent members of the membership, nationally and internationally, with regard to health, education and work, science and technological innovation policies; promote technical, scientific and cultural exchanges with national and international Entities and Institutions, with a view to the development of nursing; promote, organize, carry out and coordinate national and international activities and events aimed at nursing professionals and related areas, aiming at their technical, scientific and political development, and technological innovation; and defending the quality of nursing education, creating organizational structures that meet this purpose.

The National Nursing Research Seminar – SENPE has been building history for 40 years and, in June 2019, ABEn promoted its 20th version. There were five days of meetings, meetings, debates, reflections, building understandings, establishing policy guidelines for the development of training and qualification of researchers, for the production, dissemination, dissemination and translation of scientific knowledge in nursing.

In the 19 previous versions, the themes of SENPE deepened and advanced in the design of a policy for the development of research and technological innovation in health and nursing, based on the priorities of both areas and to meet the social health needs of the population.

The city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ) welcomed nursing researchers or researchers about nursing, between June 24 and 28, at the UERJ Campus.

The novelty of this 20th version of SENPE is the inauguration of the 1st International Seminar on Nursing International Nursing Research – 1st SINPE.

Thank you for your presence in Rio de Janeiro.

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